Meet Kimi Walker

Kimi Walker is a school psychologist, philanthropist, coach, and wellness enthusiast with a track record of serving as a behavior change and improvement catalyst for individuals, groups, and organizations. Her formalized education, market research and tangible tools all cohesively work together to assist others in making the best version of themselves a priority.


School Psychologist

Kimi is a school psychologist, who offers a variety of services in the areas of psychological and psycho-educational testing, family assessments, and disability and behavioral coaching services. Her areas of specialty include serving individuals primarily ages 2 through 21, with a special focus on early childhood (0 through 8-age group) assessments and intervention services. She provides guidance for parents, students, and adults with a variety of presenting issues and needs, such as special education and Section 504 evaluations and services, vocational college disability evaluations, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

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Kimi’s personal journey in fitness and wellness has not been one without its fair share of hurdles and triumphs! While embarking on a personal lifestyle change, she grew a strong affinity for self-care, health, and wellness. Her passion grew and she quickly had a burning desire to assist other people in defining their own personal fitness and wellness stories. Kimi Walker’s purpose, passion, and plan is to help others in overcoming personal mental blockage or any social stigmas that may suggest that fitness only “looks” a certain way.

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Nubian Wellness

Kimi Walker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nubian Wellness, a 501c3 that aims to decrease health disparities amongst individuals of color through digital outreach, community engagement, and wellness-based programing.

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Early Accountability

As an Early Accountability Coach, Kimi Walker helps individuals, groups, and organizations identify barriers, create plans, and excel in new ventures in the delicate early implementation stages. Whether someone is trying to get the ball rolling as a solopreneur, lose the “baby weight”, or host a wellness event, she is able to equip individuals and teams with the tools they need to jumpstart their plans and sustain the results.

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Tune in as Kimi Walker interviews an amazing line-up of powerhouses! Guests will share their personal stories of overcoming barriers and will lend their professional expertise to help you in identifying, organizing, and executing your goals and visions!

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